Waterfalls for Ralph.

This is taken from the ‘back road’ to Mt. Washington ski hill.  “Road’ means there tends not to be trees in front so lets go that way.  We’ve been on both sides of this valley.

This is taken from Brown’s logging main.  This is about my all-time fave.  As the season progresses the flow decreases revealing a cave behind the flow on the left.  I think Gollum lives there.  There is the usual tranquil pond at the top of this one.

Beneath a logging bridge near the end of a ‘road’.  There’s so much power stored in moving water.

You can go right up to this one and stick your head in it.  Sorry, that sounds like an insult; unintended.  It seems so pure and clean and BOY was it CCCCCCOLD.

There is the usual tranquil pond at the bottom of this one.  It’s near Regan lake, and getting harder to get to.  Active logging blocks one route, and a ginormouse hole right in the middle of the road blocks the other.  It’s the kind that you don’t see until you’re in it looking up!

Peaceful, near the road, and only the sound lets you know it’s there.

Another view of the double.  Comox Valley is the waterfall capital of the world!!  We have snowpack, lots of valleys, ‘roads’ into the area, and not far to drive.  Hope you like the pics.


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