You just never know.

Aha!  A path where I wasn’t looking for one.  I was looking for a place to turn around!  This bears investigation.

Hmmmm.  This is not worth the effort.  UGGGLEEEEE!


High tech hand rail.  Helpful, but kinda tacky, what?

I sure wouldn’t want to slip and grab THIS for support.  Nature has a nasty side.

WHOA!  Come out of the ‘trees (dead)’ and whattaview.

That’s Buckley Bay over there.

Not what you’d call a sandy beach, but lovely just the same.

These little fellows were everywhere.  I realized too late that I was stepping on them and you know what.  I’m an environmental disaster.

More ‘sand’.

There’s the tunnel-path back.


The islands are not hurting for beaches.  These are from Denman Island.  My work takes me all over the area.  Best office ever!


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