Paradise (Meadows)

This is one of the many maps in this beautiful park.  We started from the parking lot (why do I think of Joni Mitchell when I say that?), the “P” in the lower slightly left of center.  The lake in the pics is the one pointed by the “YOU ARE HERE” label.  It’s about 3 hours of easy hiking, and well worth the effort.  Strathcona Park is apparently the oldest park in BC.

There are many meadows with many sculptures executed in living trees by a creative Hand.


This little creek is the outfeed for Helen McKenzie lake, taken from a small bridge.  The view on the other side was better, but my camera skills were not up to the task and the shot was a failure.


It isn’t readily apparent in this shot, but the trees formed a really neat progression from tall to short.  Very striking.


A different set of trees, guarding or pointing the way to the lake access.


The lake.  My dear wife goes swimming here, although not this year as it was chilly.  However, the water is cold anytime of the year, and last year, while she was in the water, I couldn’t help wonder at the snow on the opposite shore!  In August!!!

Ever present whiskey jacks.  Feathered moochers, but endearing.  Not rude like crows.


Interesting patterns done in stone over a great deal of time by no human hand.


Flowers show up anywhere and everywhere.


Fascinating texture and color mix.  I don’t know what they are and don’t care.  I just like looking at them.


This survivor looked dead until I realized that the living branches weren’t from a tree behind, but from the ‘dead’ trunk.

Meadow after meadow up here.


Those trees are firmly rooted in bare rock, or so it seems.  That dark mass is one huge rock.  This is a great place with lots to see.  It would take days to walk all the trails.  There are lots of camping places for those hardier souls.


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