Thoughful spot.

End of the road for us.  That rocky bit is wide enough for my 4runner, but there’s no room for error.

A bit of a washout, I’d say.  Quads, bikes, and wildlife can make it through, but I’m not interested.  Here’s why.

The truck wouldn’t stop until the bottom, which isn’t that bit there.  The bottom is 300′ farther down, ending in a river.  No thanks, we’ll walk.  My hiking buddy is good with a map.  He has backroad maps that are ‘fairly’ accurate.  Passable on a map is not necessarily passable on the ground.  I’m sure you’ve all found that out a time or two.  So we walked up, around,under, etc. and almost walked by the lake we were looking for.

I couldn’t believe how peaceful this spot was.  I could only hear a small, musical, twittering and the gentlest breeze.  My hiking buddy went looking for caves, so I had this to myself for a bit.  A little earlier I heard a weird warbling that turned out to be geese way up, heading south.  All the effort is sure worth it.  Kind of a life-metaphor thing, I guess.  I wonder why the walk back is always shorter than the walk in?  Cheers.


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