Circlet lake – almost missed it.

The usual ‘here’s the rotten trail – aren’t I epic’ photo.    This part is actually quite nice for forest views, you just can’t look at them and walk at the same time.  Tripping hazards as far as the eye can see!  You know what I mean.  This is near Helen-McKenzie lake.

Castlecraig mountain, on the left.  Part of Mount Albert-Edward.  I want to go there next year.  I need to get in better shape for that one.

That’s Albert-Edward on the right – the pointy one.  The usual approach is to camp at Circlet lake and do a day trip to the top.  it’s only 5 km, but it’s all UP.  As it is, this hike to Circlet will probably kill me.

I didn’t take this pic.  I included it to show that THIS is epic.  I think so, anyways.  And me with a queasy tummy for heights!

Circlet lake.  This is taken from my lunch spot.  Very quiet, fresh, peaceful.  Well worth the 10km hike in.  I almost went right passed it.  The signage was funky, and I found myself heading up to Albert-Edward.  After turning around and doing a little bushwhacking (in shorts) there it was.  That water is unbelievably clean.  A waterfall on the other side of the lake provided beautiful background music.

This little jewel was next to my lunch spot.  I love waterfalls of ANY size.  The tinkle from this one was so delicate.

Meadows everywhere.  I never get tired of rock / tree / grass / water arrangements.

Graffiti on stone near the road on the way back down.  Appropriate if not laudable.  In the weeks following, before the snow flies or I expire,  I hope to go to Moat lake and Amphitheater lake.  There’s more but my memory has deserted me.  Again.


8 thoughts on “Circlet lake – almost missed it.

  1. I’ve seen a number of tripper trails like that too, and the main reason I don’t like them is that they take my attention away from what I want to look at around me. I especially like your second shot very much!

  2. What a beautiful, breathtaking hike! We really need as many places like this as possible just for sanity’s sake. I love all of your photos, especially that last one. 🙂

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