Waiting for someone.

It’s a sad thing to have an empty bench in the picture that is your life.  Who should be sitting on this bench???


I’m not ready for this.

Well, there’s the crossing.  Where’s the bridge.  I was promised a dry crossing.  Nope.  Jump (accurately – the target was under water), don’t slip, don’t dawdle, jump again.  We made it to the other side – with wet feet.

Divers Lake is lovely any time of year.  This is the small end – the big end is on the other side of that island.   There were a few hardy souls  camping there.

I love meadows.  And waterfalls.  Don’t forget the waterfalls.  There are none here today.

This little lake is just west of Divers.  We searched for the elusive, warm, food-smell-is-wafting mad trappers cabin that we just knew was secreted here.  No luck.

Someone was definitely hungry, though.

The stream next to the ‘secret’ trail.  I’ve learned that ‘secret’ means that everyone knows, but it hasn’t hit facebook yet.  Some of these secret trails are awfully well-traveled.

Rossiter lake.  That isn’t fog; it’s snow.  By the next morning there was a foot of snow.  I hope those campers made it out, because there’s a steep ‘road’ out of here.

Naw, I’m not ready.  I don’t snowshoe (yet).  I guess the hiking for the season is on hold.  This area gets from 10 – 20′ of snow.  My favorite part of this time of year is that the bug-count is next to zero. :>


I stagger out of bed and it’s still dark.  Banging my toe or some other part of the bod into something immovable and intent on inflicting a wakeup call upon me, I fall down the stairs and make coffee for my love and myself.  Get dressed, fall (again) out the back door and somehow manage to bike into work.  Feel my way to the back gate to unlock it, glance up across Farquarhson’s field, and OH MY GOODNESS.  Like I tell my long-suffering best-friend-wife, I love BEING up early, I hate GETTING up early.  I would have missed this.  This makes me want to be a lot sunnier in the a.m. for Wendy, my mate-for-life.

Denman Island in the rain.

Would you expect the weather to be rainy and windy – in October on the coast?  I need the serenity prayer right now.  The trees are doing their artistic thing with the colors.  Beautiful in any lighting.  I spent the day waiting on ferries.  Quite boring, but a chance to introspective.  Nothing like a good introspection-session to cheer a guy up.

The rocks and conglomerations on the beach are fascinating.  This is such an interesting place we live, given we look up, down, and around from time to time (choose carefully, it’s not always good NOT to look straight ahead :>).

What goes on here when the tide is in?  Much of nature’s artwork speaks of slow, patient work.  Never in a hurry, never really finished.  I guess having to wait for a ferry is not so bad.  Time to slow down….

I’m beat and only halfway there (back).

A few posts ago I showed the hike into Cruikshank Canyon viewpoint.  This is the viewpoint from the other side of the valley.  I didn’t look over the edge at the time and my suspicions prove true.  It was straight down!  Good grief but I  hate (love) heights.

The excellent trail to Moat lake.  I love this kind, where the trail is a mix and not all trippy-rooty-yuk.  I don’t have to pay quite as much attention here, except to be sure not to walk over the edge.

Cruikshank Canyon.  Nuff said.

Castlecraig mountain in the background and Moat lake in the middle.  As usual, pics do not capture reality.  This is  stunning.

Fall colors are evident.  Just back down the trail there was frozen ponds and frost by the trail.  This is 3:30 pm, Oct. 2.  Some misguided souls (read ‘hardier than me’) are camping at Circlet lake tonight.  Brrrrrrrr.

There are many little jewels up here.  Don’t know if I’d drink it, and it’s definitely too cold for a bath.  I’ll have to settle for looking at it.

Well, there it is.  Moat lake and wasn’t I surprised to see cabins there.  They are on an island that is privately owned.  Very nice, what?  Strictly a helicopter show.  It was sort of like going to Moscow and seeing a McDonald’s restaurant sign, though.  Sigh.

Ah yes, the bridge.  To the other side.  High tech.  Where, I ask, are the handrails?????

The bridge goes over this creek.  You can see the waterfall this leads to from the viewpoint on the other side of the canyon.  More to the point, it’s really loud over there.  Certainly is a different perspective close up.

Part of Moat – south side.  This part of the lake is actually the bigger part.

Well, time to head back.  It was at this point that I realized that I’m really tired, but there’s a long way to go back.  Such is hiking.  I’ll be sore and achy tomorrow, and raring to go again soon.  I sure hope you don’t get tired of these.