Denman Island in the rain.

Would you expect the weather to be rainy and windy – in October on the coast?  I need the serenity prayer right now.  The trees are doing their artistic thing with the colors.  Beautiful in any lighting.  I spent the day waiting on ferries.  Quite boring, but a chance to introspective.  Nothing like a good introspection-session to cheer a guy up.

The rocks and conglomerations on the beach are fascinating.  This is such an interesting place we live, given we look up, down, and around from time to time (choose carefully, it’s not always good NOT to look straight ahead :>).

What goes on here when the tide is in?  Much of nature’s artwork speaks of slow, patient work.  Never in a hurry, never really finished.  I guess having to wait for a ferry is not so bad.  Time to slow down….


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