I’m not ready for this.

Well, there’s the crossing.  Where’s the bridge.  I was promised a dry crossing.  Nope.  Jump (accurately – the target was under water), don’t slip, don’t dawdle, jump again.  We made it to the other side – with wet feet.

Divers Lake is lovely any time of year.  This is the small end – the big end is on the other side of that island.   There were a few hardy souls  camping there.

I love meadows.  And waterfalls.  Don’t forget the waterfalls.  There are none here today.

This little lake is just west of Divers.  We searched for the elusive, warm, food-smell-is-wafting mad trappers cabin that we just knew was secreted here.  No luck.

Someone was definitely hungry, though.

The stream next to the ‘secret’ trail.  I’ve learned that ‘secret’ means that everyone knows, but it hasn’t hit facebook yet.  Some of these secret trails are awfully well-traveled.

Rossiter lake.  That isn’t fog; it’s snow.  By the next morning there was a foot of snow.  I hope those campers made it out, because there’s a steep ‘road’ out of here.

Naw, I’m not ready.  I don’t snowshoe (yet).  I guess the hiking for the season is on hold.  This area gets from 10 – 20′ of snow.  My favorite part of this time of year is that the bug-count is next to zero. :>


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