Unexpected beauty

You can walk past something or someone repeatedly and not take notice or interest.  Then, because of something different about the SURROUNDINGS, the something or someone looks like a new creation.  This is just another field, most of the time.  This morning, though, it was a little different.

Just another leaf, albeit its prominence on our flag.  A touch of frost, and voilà, a different presentation.

Please understand, I am in no way trying to showcase my photography skills.  I have none.  I see, I like, I click, I toss out a lot of them.  It’s the little voice that says ‘ya know, there’s meaning here’.  Yes, I tend to philosophize.  As I blog, it teaches me to keep my eyes open for and in the moment.  By the way, this whole process works on those people who are invisible to us most of the time.  Cheers.


Rock n roll.

Near Horne lake there’s this cliff.  Where stones break off and roll (fall) down to the great below.  Really BIG stones.  This one is impressive.

Snowing maple leaves.

I love autumn.  No bugs.  It’s harder to break sweat.  The grass has stopped growing.  The crowds have disappeared.  I could go on.

Horne lake campsite is very nicely laid out.  Besides being closed, it was too wet to camp (Nov. 3).  Next year we’ll have to come here and check out the caves.

Hurry before it’s gone.

I went shopping for some vittles and looked up.  That in itself is unusual.  However, the sky seemed a bit pink, muted, pastelish and rather pleasant.  When I came out, holy mackerel Batman.  There’s fire in the sky.  Knowing the time for enjoying this was short, I rushed to the alleged truck (it’s old with undetermined usability left – but that’s another post) and grabbed the camera.  Blackberry, actually, but no bells and whistles.  I hate bells and such.  A couple of clicks and here’s the evidence.

Transient, maybe, but who says value and beauty must be graspable and bankable?