It’s winter – so lump it.


Like it or not, winter is here.  I like it because there are NO bugs.  I hate bugs.  These pics are from my first snowshoeing attempt ever.  I’m not a fan of snowshoes, but if they get me into the hills,  I’ll wear the dumb things.  They have a mind of their own.  Read that, I’m a noobie and it shows.


It was a perfect day for it.  Cold and clear.  This is a very popular spot that used to be a ski hill.  We stopped for a snack and started to feel the chill.  So back down the hill we go.


Nice overhang.  There is about 7 feet of snow up here.  My snowshoes were too small, so I sank in a lot.  My companion had an older pair of wooden shoes with evil bindings.  I started out with them, but the ‘bindings’ (loosings is more accurate) soon defeated me so we traded.  What is neat is that 1/2 an hour away there is no snow at all.  My kind of winter.