Winter on the beach.


Winter at the beach.  Believe it or not, there is a gentle zephyr caressing the trees.  Not!!  It’s a regular gale.  I love it.  So does that bird, eh?  Whenever I get a chance to put ‘what I should be doing’ aside for a moment and ‘live a bit of real life’, I do it.  Didn’t used to, you know.  Play comes later.  Or never.  Then you die.  Either way.  Sorry for the dark turn there.


This becomes more piquant to your thought life when this sign takes on new meaning and isn’t amusing anymore :>.


There is so much beauty at the beach.  Wendy and I have lived by the sea.  It’s not so much romantic as it is bone-chilling.  Even in August (at least in Bella Bella).  Great place to visit though.


This feller is ENORMOUS.  Living in an area where intensive logging has been the norm, along with the odd wildfire, it’s a pleasant jolt to come across them.


This tree is over 6′ diameter at the base.  I would have taken a pic of me for reference, but I was behind the camera, don’t like pics of me, and try hard not get people in my photos.  Except Wendy;  I can’t get enough of her.  Good thing we’re married :>:>.


Here’s a good example of the old and the new married in perfect harmony.   Cheers, all.

I like snow…..up there.


Komoux glacier.  By definition, that’s a lot of snow up there.  It dominates the horizon.   The great thing about living by the sea is the lack of snow down here.  I love that.  I can go snowshoeing without having to showshoe from my house to my truck.


If you have beaches, you have logs at the storm line.  I was looking far a red cedar piece to split for birdhouse roofs (rooves???).  I found one, brought it home and discovered a hairline split right in the middle that only became apparent when actually split.  Ah well, it has a delightful smell to it.  That’s one of the reasons I like working with wood.


Looking south.  that’s Denman Island.  A delightful view.


I’m not the only one into ‘woodworking’.  This work is attractive, if only an incidental thing.  There is so much for the eye to see and the mind to ponder.


I find this amusing.  Maybe it’s just me.  After all, a ‘P’ with a slash means no perching, right??

This trip was to Goose Spit.  My lovely wife and I took the chance to grab a little morning sunshine as we haven’t seen much of ol’ del sol lately.  Chilly and bright, a perfect winter’s day.

Hornby Island in the winter.


Well, it’s confession time.  This is a picture of a beach scene on Hornby Island.  I was there this last week for a couple of days doing an install of a water system.  I did not take this pic.  I did take some lovely, dare I say perfect, pics which I promptly deleted en masse.  I have sausage fingers and a tenuous grasp on the consequences of arbitrary button pressing.  The sign in the photo says think thrice, press button once; hold breath and pray.

We’ve had almost no sunshine in weeks.  While on Hornby the sun came out in all it’s glory, so I knocked off early and went for a walk ( and took some pics!!).  I normally work until I drop, quitting time aside.  Some people make hay while the sun shines.  I decided to enjoy doing nothing while the sun shines.  When I feel like complaining about the weather, I think about winter as experienced back east, and I feel thankful.  We just watched a movie called Cast Away with Tom Hanks.  Most appropriate when one feels unthankful.  Wishing you all peace and gratitude just where you are.