Maybe another time.


Well, there it is and I can’t get there.  Slightly over a kilometer to go, but it may as well have been 93 million kilometers.  I wasn’t that disappointed, actually.  I was exhausted.  Never have I been so tired.  This was part of a 2-day attempt of a peak that is really not that hard.  Bad planning, a heavy pack, bugs, bugs, and more bugs, and here I am, goal in sight, but unattainable today.  Not to worry, another time.


That’s Moat lake down there.  Come to think of it, almost everything is DOWN there.  Note the cabins on the island.  Nice place but it reminds me too much of a volcano.


I sat here for about an hour while my hiking buddy tried for the summit.  Spectacular, except for the bugs.  Did I mention the bugs????  There are waterfalls everywhere up here.


This has been posted a kagillion times, I know.  But this is MY version.  I want to try this again soon, but as a day trip.  It’s 31 kilometers from parking lot to peak, and back.  Wish me luck (or maybe brains.  I’m not too sure if this is a good idea, even though I know I can manage it.)