Never, never give up.


Well, I made it.  The top of Albert-Edward after failing 3 weeks ago.  There were many others making the journey, and this made the effort more bearable.  The hike is not particularly epic, but I’ve never put out so much effort in one day before.  There is a ‘guest book’ in a cylinder here at the top that we couldn’t get open to sign.  I’m not sure if that is ironic or not.


This is one of the views looking down to the path.  My last post was from the other end of the ramp, wistfully looking up.  You can just see the path heading up (down).  That’s the ocean way in the background.  The rocks were not the nicest thing to walk on – very sharp and loose.  Hard on the knees and brutal to the shoes.


Part of the ridge at the top.  To the right  is an abrupt edge and then down.  Abruptly down.  This ridge stretched for a ways, and there is plenty of room up relax up here, but I couldn’t shake my vertigo feelings.  Just a little ways down from here is a crack that runs a good ways along the face.  It’s about 6 feet deep and 4 feet wide, and it’s the kind of crack that indicates that the top of the mountain wants to slough off into the great nowhere on the other side.  It’s not a new crack, but it didn’t help me relax.


Coast mountain rock, as far as I can see.


Nothing gentle about the terrain up here.  I could see Albert-Edward every day from the highway near town as I went about my service work.  Mountains can talk, and this one was taunting me.  It’s only about 6,000 feet high, and very popular with hikers.  Not a great accomplishment really, but I’m pleased that I can claim it.



13 thoughts on “Never, never give up.

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog post about the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. I climbed the highest peak in the Sneffels Range (“a 14-er”) in the Colorado San Juans back in 2012. I can definitely relate to the tremendous effort it takes to reach the summit. Never give up.

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