Moon grass


A full moon on the rise.  The event seems to take forever to arrive and is over in a moment.  Sunset occurred only moments before, the color of which shows in the moonrise.  Glad we made the effort.  Nothing good occurs without effort.  Success doesn’t happen with effort.  Love doesn’t flourish without effort.  Thanks for making the effort to visit :>

Unexpected beauty

You can walk past something or someone repeatedly and not take notice or interest.  Then, because of something different about the SURROUNDINGS, the something or someone looks like a new creation.  This is just another field, most of the time.  This morning, though, it was a little different.

Just another leaf, albeit its prominence on our flag.  A touch of frost, and voilà, a different presentation.

Please understand, I am in no way trying to showcase my photography skills.  I have none.  I see, I like, I click, I toss out a lot of them.  It’s the little voice that says ‘ya know, there’s meaning here’.  Yes, I tend to philosophize.  As I blog, it teaches me to keep my eyes open for and in the moment.  By the way, this whole process works on those people who are invisible to us most of the time.  Cheers.