Prepare to be wrong. A lot.

Yes, I know this is not exactly a hiking path.  I’ll concede it’s more of a superhighway, actually, but I was quite taken with the whole thing, so here it is (it leads down to a picnic area by Roberts Lake).  I would NOT take this path if I was heading to THIS lake.  This is Moat, not Roberts lake.

Yet, so often, we KNOWINGLY travel roads that we KNOW don’t go where we intend or that aren’t where we should be.  You know what I’m talking about!  That’s all well and good if you are okay with being lost.  Too often in life we end up being in the wrong when we’re really trying hard to do the right thing.  Why make things worse by doing dumb things willfully.  On this point, why do we willfully make assumptions about other people’s motivations, especially when we mostly don’t know why WE do the things WE do, says the things we say, thank what we think!?  As the lovely wife says,  ‘think the best’.  Cut some slack, show some grace, be mature, don’t personalize things, LOVE others.  Confession time – I’m guilty of these things.  Someday I’ll grow up.  I’m 53;  not much time left to accomplish this lofty goal.

View from Becher

It’s worth the effort.  The way we treat others skews the way we see life.  This pic is from the top of Mt. Becher.  I meant to go there and took the right path (thanks to my son, the guide).  Definitely not wasted effort.