Mid-morning darkness. A storm she’s a-brewin.


Crazy weather seems to draw people out of their homes and into the elements.  Wendy and I enjoyed a blustery walk at the airpark.  An hour later the sky was a solid sheet of dismal grey and rain was pouring down.  Timing is everything.

Rock n roll.

Near Horne lake there’s this cliff.  Where stones break off and roll (fall) down to the great below.  Really BIG stones.  This one is impressive.

Snowing maple leaves.

I love autumn.  No bugs.  It’s harder to break sweat.  The grass has stopped growing.  The crowds have disappeared.  I could go on.

Horne lake campsite is very nicely laid out.  Besides being closed, it was too wet to camp (Nov. 3).  Next year we’ll have to come here and check out the caves.