Mid-morning darkness. A storm she’s a-brewin.


Crazy weather seems to draw people out of their homes and into the elements.  Wendy and I enjoyed a blustery walk at the airpark.  An hour later the sky was a solid sheet of dismal grey and rain was pouring down.  Timing is everything.

Hornby Island in the winter.


Well, it’s confession time.  This is a picture of a beach scene on Hornby Island.  I was there this last week for a couple of days doing an install of a water system.  I did not take this pic.  I did take some lovely, dare I say perfect, pics which I promptly deleted en masse.  I have sausage fingers and a tenuous grasp on the consequences of arbitrary button pressing.  The sign in the photo says think thrice, press button once; hold breath and pray.

We’ve had almost no sunshine in weeks.  While on Hornby the sun came out in all it’s glory, so I knocked off early and went for a walk ( and took some pics!!).  I normally work until I drop, quitting time aside.  Some people make hay while the sun shines.  I decided to enjoy doing nothing while the sun shines.  When I feel like complaining about the weather, I think about winter as experienced back east, and I feel thankful.  We just watched a movie called Cast Away with Tom Hanks.  Most appropriate when one feels unthankful.  Wishing you all peace and gratitude just where you are.