Mid-morning darkness. A storm she’s a-brewin.


Crazy weather seems to draw people out of their homes and into the elements.  Wendy and I enjoyed a blustery walk at the airpark.  An hour later the sky was a solid sheet of dismal grey and rain was pouring down.  Timing is everything.

Hurry before it’s gone.

I went shopping for some vittles and looked up.  That in itself is unusual.  However, the sky seemed a bit pink, muted, pastelish and rather pleasant.  When I came out, holy mackerel Batman.  There’s fire in the sky.  Knowing the time for enjoying this was short, I rushed to the alleged truck (it’s old with undetermined usability left – but that’s another post) and grabbed the camera.  Blackberry, actually, but no bells and whistles.  I hate bells and such.  A couple of clicks and here’s the evidence.

Transient, maybe, but who says value and beauty must be graspable and bankable?