Local jems, hidden in plain sight.

Rosewall Creek.  I’ve driven by it a hundred times.  The trailhead is easy to miss, but so is a city bus if you’re not looking for it.

Clear and cold.  No swimming for me.

What is the story of this old sentinel?

Nope, wrong way.  I wonder where it goes, though.  Probably nowhere, but then again…

A cathedral entrance for some ambitious squirrel.  Or maybe Narnia is through there.  Prove me wrong!

Almost to the falls.  In case you didn’t know, I LOVE WATERFALLS.

Dang sun.  Still, kind of a neat ‘effect’.  Just my opinion.   The sound of the water is music, as I have tinnitus that I don’t notice when I’m out here.

There is some serious stone here.  That’s my sweet wife on the big roller.

Didn’t know trees had lips, did you?  This one is smiling, and I hope the joke isn’t on me.

We forded across here rather than go back on the sketchy path behind the big rocks.  It’s not deep, but very cold.  The girls dipped under, but came up gasping.  It pays to be older and wiser (and warmer and drier!:>).


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